TrustFi & SafeLaunch Announce A Strategic Partnership

At TrustFi, we strive to align ourselves with companies that believe in our goal of helping projects achieve sustainable growth through liquidity management of on-chain assets. As such, we are thrilled to announce a partnership with SafeLaunch, an upcoming all-in-one project incubator and yield generator that features an in-house launchpad.

SafeLaunch’s IDO goes live in less than 24hours, at 12pm UTC and with an initial market cap of only $190,000, you do not want to miss out on this amazing projct. Available after IDO for exchange on PancakeSwap.

To commemorate the occasion they are giving away $2000 USDT in #Airdrop Prizes click the link and enter! As this giveaway ends in 3 Days, we have another airdrop giveaway you can enter as well, enter here!

We are committed to building a decentralized platform that links DeFi community governors, investors, developers, and infrastructure operators, across multiple networks such as Binance, Polkadot, Ethereum, and others. Therefore, it is fundamental for us to partner with a launchpad that has the broad range of resources and connections necessary to make this goal possible; and SafeLaunch has proven to be the perfect fit.

SafeLaunch is committed to providing its community access to projects that demonstrate a high potential for long-term growth. Their team of advisors and developers scrutinize every detail of a project’s architecture, fundamentals, application, and team, to ensure it meets the requirements to receive their stamp of approval.

We are very excited to partner with SafeLaunch and are confident their resources and connections will help TrustFi’s decentralized BaaS Ecosystem thrive like never before.

Do not miss out on SafeLaunch’s public sale which takes place this Monday July 5th.

About SafeLaunch

SafeLaunch is a unique decentralized project incubator with a built-in launchpad on Binance Smart Chain. SafeLaunch puts the security of its community first, initiating a robust vetting process with every project they present their investors with. Their team is made up of renowned advisors, developers, and marketing experts that provide blockchain and DeFi projects with the guidance and resources needed from incubation to launch.

About TrustFi

TrustFi disrupts the DeFi market by providing a multi-chain decentralized BaaS solution. Our ecosystem features three main products which include TrustFi Alpha, an IDO General Protocol; TrustFi Beta, a Decentralized Staking Contract; and Providing Liquidity Mining model (PLM), an important addition to DeFi infrastructure built on Web3. Our main focus is early crypto-asset issuance, with emphasis on liquidity management, community growth, and DAO governance. We are certain that these three factors will allow us to successfully unlock the unlimited potential DeFi has.

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